Masterís Race 10K

11:00AM Sat. Apr. 16, 2016

Directed by ďBob ThompsonĒ


††††† Spring weather in Humboldt can vary wildly from day to day! Saturday, we got lucky and had a perfect clear, calm and sunny day for our annual Clam Beach Masterís Race. This is a race that levels the playing field by giving the older runners a headstart. Lynn Lawrence led us off followed by thirty-six other over-forty runners. Unlike any other SRRC races, if you run hard, you might get your name on one of the prestigious Hobart Brown Trophies.

††††† Once again, John Zinselmeir dominated the menís race followed by Dave Ryan and Sean Johnson. In the womenís race Lanore Bergenske won for the fourth time in five years, followed by Tami Beall and Mary Wells, who traded positions from last year.

††††† Even a small race like this wouldnít be possible without volunteers. Thanks to Gayle and Charlie for being out on the course, and to Gary, Harry, Paul and Cindy for the signs, timing, water stop and after race party. My job was easy thanks to them! Last but not least, thanks to Yoon for all his photos, results and newsletter work and THANKS to all of you who showed up for the race! See you next year.

Ė Bob T.


Overall††††††††††††††††††††††† Race†††† Real†††† Place

Place Name†††††††††††††† G/age Time†††† Time†††† at 5K

1 John Zinselmeir††††††† M681:03:110:44:41 1

2 Lanore Bergenske†††††† F581:04:360:46:06 2

3 Dave Ryan††††††††††††† M581:06:110:42:51 7

4 Tami Beall†††††††††††† F481:06:440:43:24 6

5 Mary Wells†††††††††††† F611:07:300:50:50 3

6 Sean Johnson†††††††††† M461:07:330:40:4311

7 Portia Matheson††††††† F681:11:340:59:34 4

8 Caroline Carson††††††† F541:11:460:51:1610

9 Mike Wood††††††††††††† M571:13:130:49:3315

10 Joni Hammond†††††††††† F551:14:300:54:3012

11 Max Rousselot††††††††† M541:15:440:51:0419

12 Brett Johnson††††††††† M471:16:390:49:5926

13 Brian Ferguson†††††††† M621:16:530:55:2317

14 Taylor Downs†††††††††† M401:17:170:49:2725

15 Rick Park††††††††††††† M701:18:051:00:45 9

16 John Carson††††††††††† M581:19:020:55:4218

17 Donna Ayres††††††††††† F681:19:301:07:30 8

18 Daniel Lipiec††††††††† M601:19:330:57:0321

19 Amy Ziegler††††††††††† F511:20:090:58:0922

20 Maya Conrad††††††††††† F471:20:190:56:3924

21 Debbie Stamper†††††††† F621:20:391:04:3914

22 Eric Antrim††††††††††† M431:21:050:53:4528

23 Brian Julian†††††††††† M581:22:090:58:4920

24 Gary Timek†††††††††††† M681:22:091:03:3916

25 Mike Minton††††††††††† M431:24:530:57:3329

26 Jurgen Giessel†††††††† M791:25:501:14:3013

27 Kristin Pitsenbarger†† F531:25:581:04:5827

28 Mark Ellis†††††††††††† M611:29:201:07:2030

29 Chris Aberson††††††††† M471:30:351:03:5532

30 Sherry Myers†††††††††† F601:34:571:17:3723

31 Kim Bryant†††††††††††† F421:37:041:01:4434

32 Marcile Raney††††††††† F551:37:401:17:4033

33 Trina Morais†††††††††† F461:41:411:17:4136

34 Leslie Keig††††††††††† F531:47:161:26:1635

35 Mj Goble†††††††††††††† F511:48:431:26:4337

36 Lynn Lawrence††††††††† F821:49:431:49:4331

* Bob Peck†††††††††††††† M67ran 5K††††††††††† 5