Masterís Race 10K

11:00 am, Sat. Apr. 22, 2017

Directed by ďBob ThompsonĒ


††††† Saturday was Earth Day and in Humboldt County it was a beautiful day for our annual Clam Beach Masterís 10K Run. Jurgen Giessel and Myrna Weburg lead off this yearís group of forty and over runners followed little by little by the younger and younger ones. This is an age adjusted race with the older runners getting a time advantage at the start. The last runners started 17 minutes after the first.

††††† In the menís race John Zinselmeir dominated yet again to take home his 20th Masterís title with no end in sight! It was a close race for second & third with Paul Kinsey coming in about a minute ahead of Alan Grau. They will both find their names enshrined on the prestigious Hobart Brown trophy for the first time.

††††† In the womenís race the trophy has found a new home after spending the last seven years with either Lanore Bergenske or Laura McNulty. Tami Beall has completed the progression from 3rd two years ago to 2nd last year and now 1st this year with the best time of the day OVERALL and the potential to win for many years to come!!

††††† Kathleen Brubaker and Marlene Allen fought it out for 2nd and 3rd and will be on the trophy this year!

††††† Thanks to everyone who helped out this year. President Timek stopped by to bless the race but had to get to his weekend Whitehouse for much needed relaxation. Once again Paul took care of the permits and road signs. Thanks to Marlene for helping out when registration got crazy. Gayle was out at the turnaround with water and encouragement for the runners, and this yearís food and beverage hostess was Lavender who did a great job! Thanks!! As usual, thanks to Yoon for photos, results, and personally testing all the postrace snacks to make sure they hadnít been tempered with by North Korean Madman Kim Jong Un!!

††††† The Masterís Race is always two weeks before the Avenue. See you next year. Ė Bob T.


Overall††††††††††††††††††††††† Race†††† Real†††† Place

Place Name††††††††††† ††G/age Time†††† Time†††† at 5K

1 John Zinselmeir††††††† M690:50:1542:45††† 1

2*Tami Beall†††††††††††† F490:53:3741:07††† 2

3 Paul Kinsey††††††††††† M610:57:4646:16††† 3

4 Alan Grau††††††††††††† M630:58:4048:10††† 5

5 Richard Engel††††††††† M530:59:3045:00††† 10

6 Jeff Haag††††††††††††† M571:00:0546:55††† 16

7 Bill Bustin††††††††††† M591:00:2347:53††† 9

8 Joe Vogelpohl††††††††† M491:00:3144:41††† 15

9 Richard Roybal†††††††† M401:02:0244:42††† 18

10*Kathleen Brubaker††††† F521:02:4751:47††† 8

11*Marlene Allen††††††††† F611:03:3057:20††† 4

12 Tom Martin†††††††††††† M701:04:1057:20††† 6

13 Rachele Gundlach†††††† F421:04:1449:24††† 19

14 Sadie Alves††††††††††† F411:06:0150:51††† 22

15 Ellie Bustin†††††††††† F601:06:4759:57††† 12

16 Bryan Lanning††††††††† M431:07:4450:54††† 25

17 Elizabeth Cox††††††††† F481:08:1855:28††† 20

18 Ken Young††††††††††††† M751:09:041:05:3413

19 Debbie Stamper†††††††† F631:10:021:05:12 7

20 Asriel Aquart††††††††† M431:10:3953:49††† 26

21 Kathy Miller†††††††††† F491:11:1058:40††† 24

22 Thomas Bernota†††††††† M571:11:1858:08††† 27

23 Dan Lipiec†††††††††††† M611:11:2459:54††† 23

24 MJ Lathan††††††††††††† F591:11:521:04:2214

25 Paul Johnson†††††††††† M531:14:501:00:2028

26 Donna Ayres††††††††††† F691:16:351:15:4511

27 Jurgen Giessel†††††††† M801:18:551:18:5517

28 Mary Ann McCulloch†††† F611:19:291:13:1921

29 Marcile Raney††††††††† F561:26:001:17:0030

30 Kristin Pitsenbarger†† F531:28:571:18:2731

31 Gwenda Ashburn†††††††† F651:32:141:18:4432

32 Myrna Weburg†††††††††† F781:33:571:33:5729

* Rick Vance†††††††††††† M46participated